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Thursday, October 4, 2012

12 Weeks!

Well it was 12 weeks this past Tuesday until  Christmas! My most favourite time of the year.. Usually around now I'm all excited, realizing I get to soon decorate and put up my tree, watch my favourite movies, and buy presents for those I love.. but I'm actually really dreading the holiday season..

I don't want to admit that I've let another year pass me by.. and I've done nothing to change my health, except let it get worse.. I've gained so much weight in the last year.. it's upsetting.. this time last year I was just at 200 pounds, and I felt like such a failure.. now I'm creeping up on 240.. failure has nothing on me! I have done more than just fail...

So how.. how do I take all of the moments of motivation, and put them into action.. when all I can think about it eating something yummy?

Is anyone else out there feeling this way too?

I feel like Weight Watchers is probably my best bet.. but then I'd actually have to follow it completely.. oh gosh.. I'm a tool..

I need to get my head into this game again.. after all it's12 weeks to christmas (well 82 days.. ) and my Winter Jacket doesn't even come close to fitting me!


Off I go..


1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you are back! I was wondering how you were doing.
    Twelve weeks is a ton of time to make some changes.

    I love weight watchers but I'm trying my fitness pal at the moment- love it! I'm a convert.

    Good luck!