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Well I'm the typical fat girl that everyone has as a friend. I'm funny, Sexy, Smart, and never a threat. I am on a journey to lose weight ( a lot of it!) and become the best Mummy to my son that I can be!... I'm sure there will be several times I stumble and fall, but follow me as I pick myself up, and continue along my way!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm at a point where I need to find happiness in who I am.. I find a lot of my self worth comes from being with a man, or trying to lose weight, so people will tell me how good I look.

Apparently I'm a desireable girl. Guys want to date me. They aren't utterly repulsed by my face, or body (shocker!), or hair, or overall appearance... So why is it that I'm stressing so hard over the fact that I'm not 150 pounds? Why can't I see myself as a gorgeous woman? Why can't I feel sexy?

Why do I want to lose weight? Is it because I want to be healthy? (at one point that may have been true. But what benefit does being healthy bring me right now? Sure I'll live longer... but who will I spend that time with? (can you tell I'm really lonely?)...) Is it because society tells me I need to be thin? (Not really, since 2 out of 3 Americans are "Obese".... I know I'm Canadian, but our society isn't that different...) Is it because I want to be smokin' hot? (Hell Yeah!)..

So now that I know this is merely a vanity thing... I have to then really think about this... If I want to change my hair colour, do I wait years to do it? No, I do it ASAP....
If I want to buy that new "it" clothing item, do I buy anything else, telling myself that will be my "next" purchase? No...again.. I get it (as long as it's not waaaayyy outta my price range!)..

So why is it that I'm putting this off?

Not only that... I'm working out like mad.. only to eat like a crazy son of a gun... That's just ridiculous! How about not exercising.... and just not eating the crazy food.. then I can have way more sleep and my legs won't hurt so much.. I also won't feel like everything I'm doing is for nothing! Like I'm running on a treadmill, and just not getting anywhere!

So ... how am I going to go about this?
That, ladies and gentlemen, is a very, very good question!

I'll check in again soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hmmmfff.. From Success to Disasters..

So it's T?DOTROML...
It's only been a week, but I seem to have lost count already... hmm... I think I've got sometimers (lame joke, this I know...)..

So last week seemed to be a bit of a success, I don't know what exactly I did, but I do know I lost 3.2 pounds... hmmmmm..... Yay me? I thought for sure I would have gained... so I stood there, holding my breath, not wanting to hear the skinny b*%$h say "What do you think you did wrong?" (btw, I hate it when they ask me this... what did I do wrong? I ate my bloody face off.... I'm not dummy I know how to gain weight, it's how to lose it that I'm clueless at!)... so I know I didn't over indulge last week, but I only made it to the gym for hard workouts 2 times, and I only went for 1 run, and I didn't do weights at all, but something worked.... who knows....

This weekend was also a success... a successful "drink all the wine you have in the house" weekend. I polished off 2 bottles at least on Saturday night, during my rustic Italian Dinner party I hosted, and 3 of my WW friends attended (2 being WW leaders...)... we ate loads, drank loads, and laughed loads.. that's a very successful dinner party, if I do say so myself!

So yesterday I woke up with a wicked hangover... I'm not the typical hangover girl, who pukes and is good to go... no instead I get a wicked headache and feel the need to sleep all day... only... I had plans... I had invited 4 friends to go for sushi lunch... which I attended, and enjoyed, and then went right home to lie on the couch and sleep! I then woke up around 4:30pm.... to watch Harry Potter, hit starbucks, continue to watch Harry Potter, eat the rest of the TIramisu from Saturday's Dinenr party, and then finish watching Harry Potter.... (I had to watch the 6th one again before I saw the newest one last night in the Theatre...).. then I headed out to pick up a girlfriend and a guyfriend to see Harry Potte and the Deathly Hallows (Oh so good!).... So I got home from Harry, realized my headache was finally gone.. had a massive glass of wine (apparently I just don't learn....) and ate the rest of the asiago cheese and artichoke dip with the remainder bread sticks.. what a waste of a day.. food wise it was yummy yummy yummy... but food wise it was also bad bad bad! I can't imagine just how many calories, grams of fat, needless preservatives I put into my system.... But do I regret it? Not so much.... wil I regret it on Saturday at the scale? You bet your sweet ass I will!

So here I start again.. I know I can't let my weekends rule my week, and my weight, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do exactly. I think both December 4, and December 11 will be good weekends weight wise, seeing as I'm schedueled to run a 5 km run both weekends, and after one of those I never wanna cheat.. but we're also coming into the Christmas season.. and this girl LOVES to celebrate!

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to have my annual Christmas party, but I don't know if I want to spend the money, time, and energy hosting one this year.... Since I live alone, don't have kids, and have no family that visits me.. I don't know if then I should even bother decorating the inside of my house... only I will see it... oh.... now that makes me sad.. maybe I'll have a Christmas tea on a sunday afternoon or something.. who knows....

Okay well I guess I should sign off for now..
always and forever.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'd love to say that yesterday was an unbelievable success, but I can't lie.. I had a stumble or two. But I did go out for a run, it was only 3 km, but I'm back at it.

It's almost 1pm, and I just finished my breakfast. It's 2 slices of butterball turkey bacon (2 weight watcher points), 1 Omega3 egg, and 2 egg whites (3 points), 11g of cheese (1point)... so for 6 points I'm full! Turkey bacon is really enjoyable, and very easy. I like to cook it all up ahead of time, and freeze it. Then when I make my eggs the next time, the bacon is easy to throw into the pan for 30 seconds, and voila, a meal in 5 minutes!

For all those asking "what do you mean you just had breakfast?". I work for an automobile factory, and I am on afternoon shift, so I didn't go to bed until 5am. Now the problem with this, I got off of work at 2:15am.. I live 15 minutes away from work.. it maybe takes me 25 minutes to get from my work area to the locker room to get changed, to my car. So that really puts me getting home around 3- 3;15am ish... and yet I stayed up until 5 am? Why? I sat up and watched a little Mike & Molly, and then another drama.... why??????

This morning I wanted to go to a spin class, but was WAY TOO TIRED when I woke up at 11;45am.... so the goal for tonight is to go to bed ASAP after work.. think I can do it? Oh I hope so!
To be honest last night, my pants at work were SO DAMN TIRED! and I ended up coming home feeling very sad and depressed... so even though I think I'm just a little that time of the month bloated (TMI!!!), I still know I feel like I'm a walking beer keg.... so it's a little motivation!
Well I have to go shopping. My list is made.. lunch today is just a smoothie, but I have to make my salad dinner for tonight at work still..

And one more thing.. not only am I trying to get to my goal weight by October 16, 2011 (40 pounds to go!), but I'm also trying to get debt free (besides my car and mortgage....)... so lets see if I can do this eating healthy on a budget... I think with the lack of sushi and drinking, I may actually be saving money! haha

So off I go to the grocery store (PriceChopper!!!) and then to the gym.. and then to work.. I have a couple hours.... so lets see if I can do what I want!

Okay I'm in a much better mood right now..
so lets see how the second day goes!


Monday, November 15, 2010

"TFDOTROML" ... I'll Explain....

Well folks... it's TFDOTROML... which means "The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life"...

Now I know I've said this before, but once again, I fell off the wagon. I had a summer of enjoying Beer, Wine, Pizza, and loads and loads of SUSHI!

Now in moderation Sushi isn't bad... but when you go to an all you can eat place at least once a week, with all sorts of friends.... well the pounds get packed on.

I'm back in the 190's.. and I'm miserable. I am at a point where I don't want to date, even though there are a couple of options out there. ... ...

I think I've realized that when I was in the 170's I was SO very happy.... and if I had just maintained, instead of worried about how LONG it was going to take to get into the 150's... I may have just ended up continually losing and finally getting there.. but here I sit... 20 pounds heavier than I was last year, still wearing the same clothes because I REFUSE to go and buy some that are 2 sizes bigger! And.. I'm just miserable.

My first thought in the morning is "what am I going to eat today...." ... WTF? Something is messed up.. my brain has been wired incorrectly....

Even as I write this, I'm not thinking about going for a run.. I'm thinking about going and getting a burger or something... but I cannot continue on this pattern... I don't want to be this sad thinking about how I look... I want to have that self confidence I had last year when I went to Egypt. I felt like a million bucks... I looked like a million bucks...

Now I look like the Puff Stay marshmallow man...

So here's hoping that this really is TFDOTROML.....

I won't be a stranger, I'll keep you posted as to how this goes (because I also know that when I stopped blogging, I stopped caring...)..
I'll tty all soon!