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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surrounded ...

I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.. not just one but several..

You all know about my battle of the bulge, but there are a couple more I don't mention.. the one that I feel like I'm fighting right now is the battle at work.. 

I'm the only girl.. surrounded by men.. and I'm in a place of authority.. My boss seems to understand how to treat people.. but he has no compassion for me whatsoever... He is hard on me, and chooses to put me on probation, when I had to miss work due to a car accident.. I don't understand him.. 

I'm not used to people not liking me.. so this is confusing.. what do I do to rectify this?

I've been fairly proud of myself since I have yet to cry over this situation.. but in reality I'm devastated.. I'm trying to get a promotion.. and this probation means I won't be able to be promoted for at least a year!

Plus.. here I am right now feeling like crap.. and I know I don't have the option to go home... I hate feeling like a prisoner at my job... 

It's much like being a prisoner in your body.. 

You know the environment.. you just cannot get comfortable.. for fear of what could happen.. 

Gosh... when will things start to look up for me? 

The most comical part about this "probation" is today I had to read the "Ethics Policy" refresher, and it touches on people swearing in everyday talk, harassment, and being left out.. all things my boss is guilty of.. but hey.. as long as he gives me probation for my absence due to a car acci8dent.. all is right with the world.. 

Man I'm bitter!!!!!! 


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  1. i'm sorry about your job, I know how hard it is to go to work every day where you are unhappy. your boss sound ridiculous to punish you for something that you couldn't control. hope things are getting better.

    it's been a bit since your last blog, hope you are doing well! last week was my first weigh in in a while for WW so i'm going to wait til tomorrow's one week mark to be the official for our healthy competition. hope you got a chance to go today.