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Well I'm the typical fat girl that everyone has as a friend. I'm funny, Sexy, Smart, and never a threat. I am on a journey to lose weight ( a lot of it!) and become the best Mummy to my son that I can be!... I'm sure there will be several times I stumble and fall, but follow me as I pick myself up, and continue along my way!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Facts Of Life...

So after my so called "Wake Up Call" I had a long talk with my guy. I told him yet again, how miserable I am in my own skin. How I am so sad that I look the way I do, and I must do something to change it.. 

The dilemma I face is when I'm with him at his house.. see he doesn't like Veggies.. So our meals mainly consist of carbs and protein.. This is why I always end up with a little gain after every weekend there.. 
So I told him we need to start carrying veg so I am able to stick to my Weight Watchers plan.. and feel full longer with the fiber of the veg.. 

He seems on board.. saying he wouldn't mind being on Weight Watchers too, to possibly lose 10-15 pounds himself.. So... I'm hoping he does join.. this way I'm not alone in my plight.. 

Years ago, when I was so successful, it's because I was actively doing the Points plan with a good girl friend. Something about the continued accountability helped me stick to it.. I think it was the competition factor.. I'm a very competitive person.. and I enjoyed seeing who lost more each week.. 

Where has this passion and competitiveness gone???? I had a marvelous day yesterday, and I stepped on the scale today, and it says I've gained.... I need to pack that damn scale up and ignore the numbers until a week has gone by... 

Okay... I know these blogs are boring right now.. I apologize.. it's just hard to be upbeat and funny when it feels like my weight is truly weighing deeply on me.. 

take care. 



  1. um! i'm in weight watchers and could use some healthy competition! let me know if you would like another buddy.

    it's great that he's willing to be so supportive. either way, what I used to do is carry my own veggies and meals in the past. that way I don't have to rely on what someone else has or doesn't have in their home. When ever I'm on weight watchers I at least have a bag of baby carrots in my purse along with my water bottle.

    let me know if you have a weigh in day set and I can see if I am able to weigh in at the same day :)

    I absolutely LOVE your weight logs on the left, I may consider doing something like that for my page. Really holds me accountable and makes me want to not embarrass myself.

  2. Okay.. lets be weight loss buddies! I love a healthy competition.. I usually weigh in on Saturdays... but will be weighing in on fridays for the next 2 due to vacation! :)

    1. sounds good i'll report back to you with my weigh in on friday :). that's a perfect day to go for me too.