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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Wake Up Call..

We all have those moments.. you see yourself through someone elses eyes.. and you don't like what you see..

This  past week my boyfriend and I took a drive to a furniture store that was 3 hours away from his house. On the way back he surprised me and took me to Niagara falls for dinner. Before we ate we decided to get a closer look at the falls, as it had been at least 10 years since either one of us had gone there.. as we were looking at the magnificent natural wonder, I decided we needed to take a picture of us in front of the falls... after I took 2 fairly decent pictures a passerby asked me if he could take a picture or two for us.. once he had finished I thanked him, and instantly checked out our pics.. and sadly I was HORRIFIED by what I saw.. 

Who was this FAT girl next to my boyfriend? She has my face, but there was NO WAY that could be me... could it??

I knew I had gained a lot of weight.. but I just couldn't get over how awful I looked in the pic... 

Is this finally the wake up call I need? 

Or am I broken record that will repeat this statement and keep starting my diet tomorrow??? 


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  1. omg pictures are brutal. it's like standing in front of a full length mirror. somehow we don't have any at my house and boy when i get a peak of myself in either i'm embarrassed and unable to understand how i got to that point. but I guess all we can do is try our best to get back to healthy and try not to keep yo-yoing back and forth...